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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


  • About Us

    Since its beginning, Rescue911 Design has been dedicated to helping its community to change their lives and inspire community members of all ages at all stages to reach their individual fitness goals.

    We are certified trainers and instructors with an advanced understanding of health & fitness. Our trainers also are trained and certified in CPR/AED, P90X, and SPIN.

    Rescue911 Design trainers motivate and deliver a fun and innovative approach to fitness individually/personally or in group settings. We will adapt your fitness plan to suit all age and ability levels.

  • Fitness Lists

  • New Location: BVC

    New fitness training location: Bay View Community Center (BVC) | 2000 E Lloyd St | Pensacola, FL 32503

  • New Location: VRC

    New fitness training location: Vickery Resource Ctr (VRC) | Rooms A & B | 2130 Summit Blvd (Behind pool area)

  • You’ll Be Less Likely to Get Injured

    Your workout buddy can give you quick form checks. Good form can save you lots of pain later on.

  • You’ll Meet Your Goals Faster

    When you’re being consistent and pushed harder, your performance will improve faster.